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In order to effectively counsel you and your company on day-to-day personnel, compliance, and regulatory issues, we must first get to know you.

We take the time understand your business and goals. Your company’s cultural realities, tolerance for risk, budget, and operational capabilities are just a few of the contributing factors that inform how we support you.


Knowledge is power

The more we know, the better off you will be. Understanding your company will allow us to help you navigate the employment law landscape efficiently and comprehensively. We keep you updated on the ever-changing and increasingly complex state and federal employment laws and regulations, thus enabling you to do what you do best: focus on your core business.


Doing the work on the front end can pay dividends in the long term

We provide preventive counseling

Our experience on a wide range of evolving statutory requirements includes those related to:

  • Hiring
  • Independent contractor classification issues
  • Termination and wrongful discharge
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Harassment
  • Family leave
  • Medical leaves of absence
  • Disability leave and accommodations
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Confidentiality obligations
  • Restrictive covenants


Committed to being your go-to

We work closely with in-house counsel, human resources, business management, and other professionals on many personnel matters.

Our experience includes:
  • Employee handbooks
  • Pre-hiring considerations
  • Employment and compensation agreements
  • Compensation policies and pay equity audits
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee job performance and disciplinary procedures
  • Termination and severance agreements
  • Reduction in force issues
  • Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training
  • Workplace investigations
  • Government agency investigation and audits

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