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Our Ethos

Every masterpiece deserves for its value, integrity and exclusivity to be protected. Influenced by client care, each of our attorneys have built their practice with this ethos in mind.

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If we look different than most law firms it is because we are breaking the traditional mold with an avant-garde approach. Appreciating that there is a time to be risk averse and a time to be bold, we step outside the box to view challenges from different angles in order to design the best possible outcome for our clients.


Like a work of art, we know that commissioning the right legal team is a financial investment that requires consideration, trust and a critical eye. By treating each client, every matter, and all of our interactions with a blend of professionalism, passion and personality, we evoke feelings of partnership, confidence and inspiration.

These values permeate beyond the walls of our offices and has been pivotal in our ability to understand our clients’ needs and evolve alongside them.

Our Leadership

We are led by a collection of visually creative and innovative thinkers. Leadership embodies the firm’s rich history rooted in old-fashioned ethics and an eagerness to evolve.

Exemplifying our ethos, these values are infused throughout the many layers of our firm.


Check back soon to read about our leadership’s personal and professional journeys and their passions outside of the office.

Jodi Castagnetti

Chief Accounting Officer

Christine De Francesco

Chief Office Services & Facilities Officer

Gayle P. Englert

Chief Human Resources Officer

Stephen E. Laska

Chief Financial Officer

Charles M. Ottenweller

Chief Information Officer

Erica A. Roman

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer