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We appreciate the hustle that takes place behind the scenes in between servicing existing clients and nurturing relationships.

You’re attending to administrative matters like time keeping, billing, returning calls, and clearing out your inbox, all the while squeezing in efforts to expand your client base and maintain a healthy pipeline. With so many hats that must be worn, and all of the responsibility that falls on your shoulders, the lingering liability can feel daunting.

Like you, we know that industry trends paint the picture for your business planning. In professional services, we must be agile, insightful and quick to respond – to the market, to the economy and to our clients. With digitization, automation and smart technologies, there are more possibilities at our fingertips than ever before, and also more nuanced legal challenges.

With tech in the driver seat, virtual offices have virtually eliminated geographical barriers, meanwhile physical locations and leases must still be managed. Team engagement, real-time data sharing, and project tracking have gained efficiency and also vulnerability. The threat of cybersecurity and data privacy issues has risen, workforce shortages and retention difficulties are looming in every sector, the cost of energy to maintain office space has gone up, and the bar is high for firms to differentiate themselves. This is a lot.

Our cross-disciplinary team of attorneys work closely with professional service clients, staying plugged in to changing regulatory compliance – which seems to evolve daily. We make sure that you are aware of updates and trends that may impact your business, so that you can focus on your clients’ needs.

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