Our Industries

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We are uniquely well-suited to represent a range of clients, from investors to entrepreneurs, with respect to the opportunities and challenges presented by an industry that is sure to deliver the green.


Blazing through the Northeast

Advising stakeholders across the industry

We guide individuals and businesses through regulatory compliance, risk management, governmental affairs and licensing in connection with cannabis related uses. Our clients include plant-touching, non-plant-touching and hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoid based businesses, including CBD. In addition, we also represent high-net worth individuals and others looking to invest. Our cannabis clients include not only cannabis companies located in the Northeast, but also multi-state operators of licensed cannabis businesses across the nation.


Well grown legal advice

With a 360° view of what you need to succeed in the cannabis industry

Our group is a composition of attorneys from across practice areas and specialties, who make it a priority to be well informed on the latest industry and legal updates. Together, we have expertise in corporate, employment, environmental, intellectual property, litigation, real estate, securities and tax law. This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to pair legal expertise with industry experience to create a 360° view of what you need to succeed in the cannabis industry.


*Notwithstanding recent changes in state laws, federal law remains unchanged and the cultivation, possession and/or sale of cannabis and cannabis products continues to be illegal under federal law.  For that reason, our services are strictly limited to advising clients regarding the validity, scope and meaning of state laws regarding medical and other legal forms of adult-use cannabis. None of our services are intended to assist clients with violations of federal law.

Representative Matters

  • Represented a multi-state cannabis operator in connection with obtaining municipal support, identifying and securing real property and the preparation and submission of applications before state regulatory bodies.
  • Currently serve as general counsel to a leading payment processor, currently operating within 20 jurisdictions throughout the United States, in connection with payment processing, software licensing, litigation and employment issues arising out of their Tier II cannabis-related business operations.
  • Ongoing representation as regulatory compliance counsel to a national print media and adverting company in connection with the advertising of tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and cannabidiol (“CBD”) ingestible products and ancillary products related thereto.
  • Ongoing representation of a multi-state cannabis operator and other service professionals in connection with the negotiation of management services agreement and other agreements for professional services provided to Tier I cannabis operators and Tier II and Tier III ancillary businesses.
  • Currently representing Tier I cannabis operators in connection with obtaining local approvals, including but not limited to approvals from local cannabis, land use and zoning boards.
  • Serve as patent and trademark counsel to a licensed cannabidiol (“CBD”) retail operator in connection with intellectual property protections for its CBD and cannabis related products.
  • Serve as corporate counsel to Tier I cannabis operators in connection with capital raises and corporate structuring advice, including the preparation of private placement memorandums, subscription agreements and Blue Sky filings.
  • Successfully represent applicants, including social equity applicants, in connection with obtaining Tier I cannabis operating licenses before State regulatory authorities.
  • Represent real property owners, including publicly traded REITs and real estate investment funds, in connection with the leasing, acquisition and disposition of real property used for cannabis related uses. These representations often involve being adverse to some of the largest multi-state operators in the country.
  • Serve as cannabis counsel to legacy warehouse and distribution operators in connection with transitioning into the cannabis space.
  • Represent a multi-state operator in connection with administrative orders and civil administrative penalty assessments issued by State environmental regulatory bodies related to odor emissions in connection with its Tier I cannabis operations.
  • Serve as counsel to real estate developers adverse to publicly traded multi-state operators in connection with real estate disputes.
  • Serve as employment counsel to clients and Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cannabis operators.
  • Serve as cannabis counsel to private lenders concerning financing provided to Tier I cannabis operators, including publicly traded multi-state operators.
  • Serve as real estate counsel to cannabis operators in connection with the identification and securing of real property in connection with their Tier I cannabis operations.
  • Serve as counsel to numerous clients on the successful monetization of real property for cannabis related uses.


Our Professionals