Your Future
at Cole Schotz

If you are passionate, driven, inspired and emboldened, then we hope you will consider Cole Schotz to be the next step in your career. 


Future  With Us

A Future with Cole Schotz

There is ancestral family There is chosen family And then there’s us your work family

Selecting which employer to sign on the dotted line with is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is a choice that will impact your day-to-day for the foreseeable future. Finding a workplace home that will value you, embrace you and ask for your active participation while also respecting the importance of work/life balance is rare in most industries but admittedly rare in the legal industry. Our commitment to all of the above is precisely what makes Cole Schotz so special. 

We don’t just throw around terms like “culture” and “workplace family” because we’re proficient in the latest corporate buzzwords. We use these words because they hold significance to us. We mean it when we refer to each other as family and the collection of us all as a unique community. We mean it when we say that we care about your personal and professional evolution. We want to hear your opinions, perspectives and experiences. We believe that each person who walks through our halls has something to contribute. 


We know that we would not be the firm we are today if it wasn’t for the amazing, sometimes groundbreaking and oftentimes inspiring contributions of each of our professionals.


Attorney  Life

attorney Life

Your canvas is yours to paint

We will offer you the resources and means to create your masterpiece. Whether your goal is to build your personal brand or practice, we work with you to develop your customized toolkit of resources and get the exposure you are working towards.


Summer  Associate

Our Summer Associate Program

Varied, distinct
and interesting assignments that are diverse in subject matter

We are proud that many of our longest tenured attorneys and members of our firm’s management began their careers with Cole Schotz as summer associates.


Our  Staff

Our Staff

The voices of our administrative staff are some of the most valuable assets we have

A key element of our firm’s continued success is our dedicated support staff, many of whom have spent all or a significant portion of their careers at Cole Schotz.


Career Opportunities

Ready to paint your canvas?

We are a workplace family that will always deliver respect, authenticity, opportunity and thoughtfulness for your wellbeing.