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Internal and external complaints may be lodged by current or former employees, external whistleblowers, or government regulators.



When a complaint is raised, we work with you to implement an efficient investigation, obtaining the evidence necessary to mitigate risk of legal exposure and effectively address any complaints.


Getting back to business as usual

When your company comes under scrutiny, it may be paralyzing. Every move you make is under a microscope and it may feel like there are landmines in all directions. It is our job to step in and help you quickly return your operations back to status quo, avoiding lost profits and any additional collateral damage.

We offer a multi-layered approach, including counseling and proactive workplace trainings for establishing and applying legally compliant internal investigation programs tailored to your business’ needs.


For hire

Often times we are asked to serve as independent investigators, knowing that we proceed with the highest degree of professionalism and tact. We understand the sensitivities surrounding matters that are often being called into question and examined.

In addition to our audit and investigatory services, we offer you peace of mind. Our process is handled discretely and with care, allowing you to focus on your business and your employees.

Our workplace investigations services include:
  • Assessing and crafting internal investigatory and audit procedures
  • Advising with respect to internal investigations conducted by company employees
  • Training internal investigation personnel
  • Reviewing and revising code of conduct, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation policies
  • Conducting high-risk investigations and issuing investigative findings and reports
  • Advising on appropriate remedial measures to take after the conclusion of an investigation

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