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It is an honor to play a part in the long-standing tradition of lawyers as community leaders and ensure services are available for individuals and entities of all needs.

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As community leaders, we are committed to acting on behalf of persons and organizations in legal need. Mindful that the legal system is filled with inequities, our attorneys are encouraged to engage in the meaningful work of providing pro bono legal representation.

An important public service

A significant segment of the population and many worthy not-for-profit organizations cannot afford legal counsel. We recognize that only lawyers willing to donate their services can fill that gap. In addition to providing an important public service, we strongly believe that pro bono activities provide valuable opportunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment for our lawyers.

A Sampling of Worthy Causes

Our lawyers have provided pro bono representation to many deserving:

  • Victims of natural disasters 
  • Juveniles and parents in civil liberties cases challenging curfew laws
  • Housing cases for indigent and homeless clients
  • First amendment challenges 
  • Non-profits in formation, environmental, contract, and employment matters
  • Guardianships
  • Prisoners’ rights cases
  • Individual bankruptcies    

A Network of Giving

We take action, not only by supporting our clients, but by helping groups that work on behalf of the public to advocate for those in need. We partner closely with a variety of organizations that provide pro bono services themselves or act as liaisons to other persons or organizations that require pro bono assistance, including:

Pro Bono Leadership

Debtor Assistance Project (DAP)

The Debtor Assistance Project (DAP) is an award-winning legal clinic that partners with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland and various members of the Maryland legal community. The DAP provides debtors with an opportunity to meet with a volunteer bankruptcy attorney for a free half-hour consultation, one-on-one. Individuals without an attorney can also tap into the program for legal advice on bankruptcy, including how bankruptcy may be used to help prevent foreclosure.

Cole Schotz’s very own Gary Leibowitz helped to establish DAP while serving as President of the Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland. 


About Us