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The Art of Innovation

Innovation is more than a buzzword, it’s who we are – problem solvers who shape change.

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At Cole Schotz, one of the many ways that we enable creativity is through our intuitive technological infrastructure. Our systems and applications are designed to be responsive to the needs of our clients, our attorneys and our staff – evolving alongside global advancements.

Enhanced productivity through people, process and technology 

Our technology investments and innovations fuel our collaborative culture. The firm recognizes that siloed insights are the enemy of efficiency and we have built state-of-the-art information and practice management systems to achieve high levels of transparency and sharing across our clients and interdisciplinary teams throughout the United States.

State of the art communications 

We believe in the art of communication, which explains why we invest in the best systems available. We deliver the tools necessary for our team to stay connected to one another and to our clients.


We have designed a security program that includes state of the art multi-factor authentication, which meets the rigorous governance, risk and compliance requirements of our clients to ensure the privacy, veracity, and availability of the information they entrust to us. 

Preparing for tomorrow today

Our entrepreneurial outlook fuels our belief that most legal services can be delivered simpler and better, and our innovation team is constantly surveying new software and applications. We pilot, validate, and adopt new technologies that offer immediate and long-term benefits to our lawyers and clients. We partner with legal technology companies and legal service providers to design platforms and technologies that help shape the direction of the legal technology market and benefit the broader industry.


About Us