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The pages of your company’s employee handbook are a curated collection of employment and job-related information specifically tailored for your company.


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Workplace policies, protocols, expectations, and benefit summaries are at the crux of your company’s successful operations. It is critical that employee handbooks are not only comprehensive, customized, and legally compliant, but also thoughtfully worded.

An in-depth and customized employee handbook is a valuable tool in avoiding a whole host of employee relations issues. On the other hand, an incomplete employee handbook leaves you, as an employer, vulnerable in making personnel decisions, responding to employee complaints, and if an employee chooses to take legal action against the company.


Dust off your employment documents

We regularly review existing documents and draft tailored employee handbooks that safeguard against a variety of employee relations issues.

Other employment policies and procedures that we often draft include:
  • Substance-free workplace policies
  • Alcohol, cannabis, and drug testing programs
  • Confidentiality and information systems policies
  • Codes of conduct
  • Workplace safety policies and procedures

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