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We can only imagine how hard you worked to form your business, and the uphill battle you face to be recognized amongst your competitors on a regular basis.


Your advantage, unlocked

Open the door to opportunity and the competitive advantage that an M/WBE certificate offers, with access to a broader network of customers and resources. Eligible businesses can level the playing field and compete more successfully when bidding for certain government contracts. There is also a public funding component that may be available to you.


MYB while we mind your certification

We walk you through the eligibility requirements and assist in preparing M/WBE applications, giving you the flexibility to mind your business and focus on your goals. If we hit a snag in the road and are met with an M/WBE application rejection, we are prepared to assist in appealing denials.


Keeping you on the up-and-up

We are equipped, not only to advise clients on the M/WBE process itself, but also to keep you updated on any changes to governance, business structure or other business practices that impact eligibility for M/WBE certification.

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