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Your time, work, and materials are of the utmost importance during any construction project. Our priority is to ensure that you have the tools properly in place to guarantee payment for your work, in a timely and expedited manner.


Designing your blueprint for protection

It is our focus to make sure your rights, as outlined in the project’s contract, are upheld and protected.

We advise and assist with the filing and enforcement of:
  • New Jersey construction lien claims against commercial and residential projects
  • New Jersey municipal mechanics’ lien claims against public projects
  • New York mechanics’ liens against commercial, residential and public projects
We work with you to evaluate:
  • The validity of your potential lien claim or lien claim that has been filed against you
  • The extent of your lien rights and amounts that can be properly liened
  • The impact of a lien claim on title to real property, as well as real property finance transactions
  • Grounds to discharge a lien claim, including by the filing of a lien discharge bond
  • Making and responding to demands for an itemized statement of lien under New York Lien Law 38


Your advocates in and out of court

Litigation is timely, expensive, and will slow your project down. We make every effort to keep you out of court, however if a dispute must go to court, we stand ready to file, defend, and enforce lien claims.


Article 3-A Trust Fund Claims

A violation of Article 3-A carries potentially significant consequences, so an understanding of, and compliance with, those requirements, is essential. We advise clients and litigate claims relating to New York Lien Law Article 3-A’s trust fund obligations and requirements. That portion of the Lien Law contains detailed requirements as to how an owner, general contractor, subcontractor, and lower-tier contractor and vendor are to account for and apply specified project funds, among other requirements.

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