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Complying with OSHA regulations is critical to ensuring your workplace is free from hazards that can cause injury or illness to your workers and adversely impact your business – such as overall business operations, labor issues, civil or criminal liability issues and your company’s reputation.


Proceed with caution, and counsel

With extensive experience under our belts, we understand and can anticipate the consequences that may arise as a result of being in violation of OSHA’s safety and health standards.


Knock, knock

When OSHA does show up at your doorstep, we will be there to advise you both during and after OSHA’s inspection. But the key to minimizing an OSHA visit is ensuring that your business follows OSHA’s health and safety standards. As your partner, we work with you and your health and safety professionals to conduct audits of your worksite, protocols, records, and training programs to ensure your business is in compliance. We provide guidance to managers, describe the procedures employed by OSHA during an inspection, and outline what to expect after an inspection – giving you peace of mind throughout the process.


OSHA on the worksite

Our Construction attorneys assist contractors and subcontractors with proactive steps to maintain compliance with OSHA’s requirements and we also counsel clients if an OSHA inspection occurs or a citation is issued.

OSHA maintains a multi-employer policy, which allows OSHA to issue citations to an employer even if that employer has no employees exposed to the alleged hazard. This policy is of particular concern when it comes to construction sites that have several contractors and subcontractors working onsite at the same time. Our team walks you through the steps that should be taken to ensure protection from such exposure.


We will not let you fall down on the job

Our services include the following:

Pre-Inspection Counseling
  • Coordinating safety and health audits
  • Assisting clients in setting up safety and health programs, including required training program
  • Advising employers on establishing and maintaining required recordkeeping under OSHA’s regulations
During Inspection Counseling
  • Advising clients regarding OSHA’s multi-employer policy
  • Advising employers of their rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Advising employers on how to respond to requests for certain information made by OSHA during or after an inspection
  • Advising clients on employees’ rights during an OSHA inspection
After Inspection Counseling
  • Assisting employers in correcting alleged violations identified during an OSHA inspection
  • Attending OSHA informal settlement conference to resolve any outstanding citations
  • Preparing and review settlement documents on behalf of employers
  • Assisting clients in contesting citations
  • Representing clients in proceedings in front of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission involving contested citations and if necessary the United States Court of Appeals

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