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When faced with criminal charges filed by local or federal authorities, your counsel’s experience is critical.


Knowing the prosecution

We boast a team of former federal prosecutors who have been working in the trenches for decades both in prosecuting, and now defending, federal criminal matters.

We understand how the prosecution thinks, strategizes and charges a decision. This insight enables our team to design and implement the best possible approach for our client, with a goal of averting criminal charges. In fact, when the New York County District Attorney’s office is asked to speak at seminars, our attorneys are often asked to be co-presenters to provide the counter-perspective.


Ground-up representation

Our client base runs the gamut from the companies that supply the industry with concrete to those that construct the highest skyscrapers, as well as individual labor union leaders. We defend companies in federal and state courts in matters brought by local prosecutors, the United States Attorney’s Offices, and the New York State Attorney General’s office.

Across the river, our clients call upon us when faced with charges in New Jersey and throughout the country, including federal criminal charges. Whether you are dealing with an allegation of a prevailing wage act violation, a claimed failure to pay overtime or an integrity-related situation, we guide you through the intricacies of these proceedings.

Our experience includes:
  • Allegations of commercial bribery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Criminally negligent homicide
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Labor racketeering
  • Environmental crimes

We have handled some of the most difficult government contractor integrity situations before the New York City Business Integrity Commission, the School Construction Authority and the NY/NJ Port Authority, as well as numerous New York City departments including, Department of Design and Construction, Parks and Recreations and Department of Investigations.

We also represent clients in civil enforcement actions brought by federal and state agencies, including NY State and NYC Departments of Labor, NYC Comptroller’s Office, NJ Department of Labor, and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

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