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From registrations to bidding, to bonding, to retainage, there’s plenty to keep track of when working with the government.


When the Government is your client

Many of our clients are heavy civil contractors and other public works companies who bid projects to various government entities. Whether reviewing the bid award procedures, demanding a rebid or contesting an award, we work with you on every facet of the bid process.


First things first

Getting started can feel daunting. Before you can even see what work is up for bid, receive drawings and specifications for projects, or bid for government work, you must first register your firm. To do this accurately, you have to understand the registration guidelines and make sure you use the appropriate company and classification codes. Our team helps you get up and running, guiding you through this initial phase.

We also represent our clients when disputes arise, explaining the controversy and talking through potential next steps towards resolving the matter. If a dispute cannot be settled, we are prepared to pursue litigation.

We are often successful in having bids our clients believe may be awarded improperly stopped, and having our clients placed in a position to win the bid. Whether a bid concerning the federal government, a state or any one of numerous government bodies or public authorities, or quasi-government corporations and utility entities, we are often called upon to advise our clients and to compel a bid process that is fair and carried out in accordance with the applicable law and regulations. Additionally, should a government entity attempt to improperly end a contract, or should any other dispute arise during the contract period, we remain at the ready to assist and see that our clients are treated fairly and paid properly.

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