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We understand and appreciate the way in which our construction clients are affected by public policy. From submitting bids to disputing claims and through investigation woes, we provide our clients with the blueprints to working effectively with the government.


Your concrete approach to public policy

To get a project off the ground, we routinely counsel our clients through the preparation of public contracts and submission of responsive bid documents. If an undesirable response is received, our clients turn to us to tackle bid protests, bid qualification disputes, debarments, contract disputes and contract claims against public entities at the state, local, and federal level. We represent clients before governmental agencies and in federal and state courts and boards, including the United States Court of Federal Claims and boards of contract appeals.

Your workers require compensation for their work, and there is governance to follow here as well. We educate our clients and ensure compliance with state, federal and local statutes, including Prevailing Wage and Living Wage requirements. If something goes awry, we counsel our clients through investigations and enforcement actions brought by government bodies, including responding to subpoenas and investigative inquiries.

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