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Businesses and individuals in the U.S. face increasingly aggressive government enforcement, investigations, and prosecutions.


Comply and prevent

Business disputes formerly handled through civil or regulatory processes now result in intrusive criminal investigations and can lead to the real threat of prison for executives, and considerable sanctions for a company.

We work with clients to mitigate the risk of investigation, diffusing threats to a company or executives, avoid prosecution, and evade the resulting glare of media attention that comes with government allegations. To that end, each case is fact-specific, tailored to our client’s needs, objectives, and challenges. We craft individualized compliance programs designed to also prevent potential problems from emerging and, when necessary, develop and implement a defense strategy to blunt government allegations.

Representative Matters

  • Represented leading Fragrance industry vendor in defense of Bribery and Tax Fraud charges
  • Represented well known Wall Street Commodities trader in defense of Embezzlement and Securities charges
  • Successful defense of REIT from allegations of Real Estate Fraud and misleading financial submissions to Financial Institutions and government regulators

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