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Trademarks are the words and symbols in which a company or person speaks to the marketplace. They become a reflection of the brand’s ethos, create consumer recognition and build credibility.


A language of their own

It takes significant investments of time and resources to design, develop and implement brand elements like business names, logos or color palettes. As such, trademarks are universal across industries and company size. They are instrumental in creating a brand identity that is not only recognizable but protectable. And, when done right can lead to increased revenues and greater marketplace shares.


Imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery

But, the marketplace is a tough place – it’s competitive, its saturated and its teeming with infringers and wannabe pirates. Implementing trademark management to your brand enforcement strategy will help amplify your brand as well as protect its integrity and mitigate risk. We create flexible and creative solutions throughout the life cycle of your trademark – from adoption and clearance through prosecution and on to licensing and enforcement.

We have extensive experience guiding clients, just like yourself, through:
  • International trademark clearance, filings, and maintenance
  • Domain name registration and management
  • Anti-counterfeiting efforts and grey-market goods issues
  • Maximizing the value of existing portfolios
  • Monetizing brand investments through development and licensing
  • Strengthening overall legal and business positions
  • Helping start-ups identify their intellectual property assets and formulate budget-conscious branding strategies

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