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Your trade secrets are your competitive edge

In a world with intense competition, free-flowing information, and employee mobility, the protection of trade secrets is more important than ever. Trade secrets can represent a company’s edge over its competitors – or even the core business of a company.


We bet you have a trade secret we can protect

We work directly with clients to identify the key elements of innovation or technology that will benefit from trade secret protection. This includes traditional trade secrets such as recipes, formulas and designs. And it includes other commonly-overlooked business differentiators, such as practices, processes, patterns, or compilations of information. In fact, many of current clients were not aware of their protectable trade secrets prior to partnering with our IP team.


Identifying, designing and implementing trade secret protections is our art

We have decades of experience assisting clients in identifying trade secrets, designing and implementing trade secret policies and protections, and enforcing trade secret rights. We believe that a comprehensive trade secret protection plan is a vital part of any company’s intellectual property plan, and we work closely with our clients’ business and technical teams to put plans in place and ensure they are being followed. We draft non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, employment policies, and trade secret policies. Our attorneys also regularly counsel employers on ways to prevent trade secret theft and anticipate issues before they arise. And when a trade secret theft or misappropriation is discovered, we work with clients to develop comprehensive responses and to minimize damage.

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