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The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) is an important venue for patent matters and can be used to stop the importation of goods that infringe on U.S. intellectual property rights.


The buck stops at the ITC

Additionally, it can also address non-patent issues such as false advertising, trademarks, trade secrets and trade dress.  Whether you have been accused of a violation at the ITC or need to enforce your IP at the ITC, we protect our clients’ competitive edge in the marketplace through targeted trial strategies.

We will navigate you through the ITC’s expedited procedural schedule and deadlines. We are known for creating efficient and effective trial strategies that are results-focused and often times significantly reduce expenses. As technically trained attorneys, we are able to leverage our experience when defending and prosecuting intellectual property claims at the ITC. Our entire team has ITC experience, and we can address any allegations quickly and efficiently to win at the ITC.

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