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Environmental insurance can be the secret weapon in a competitive and risky world.

We are experts in negotiating environmental insurance policies for diverse situations. Our team confidently negotiates the terms of environmental insurance policies to cover particular risks that need to be managed for transactions, development, financing, and litigation settlements.

Our experience ranges from policies with stacks of insurance with limits in the hundreds of millions of dollars for major brownfield developments and risk transfer deals, portfolio policies to smaller policies that cover more targeted liabilities.


A valuable network at your fingertips

Our long-term relationships in the specialized arena of environmental insurance professionals and players in the insurance industry help us get you coverage that actually works to protect your interests and controls your losses for risks such as:

  • Cleanup liability
  • Bodily injury and property damage claims
  • Natural resources damages
  • Business interruption
  • Transportation liability
  • Offsite disposal sites and Superfund sites

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