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Stringent regulatory and licensing schemes govern the transport and disposal of solid and hazardous waste. There are complex rules to determine whether materials must be regulated as waste or are deemed recycled or beneficially reused in the case of development.

We work with clients to manage their waste transport and disposal businesses, partnering with developers to work through the potential re-use and relocation of fill, as well as regulations governing the import of fill and historic fill at development sites.


Navigating waste management

We help clients understand and navigate the requirements surrounding hazardous waste generators, transporters and owners/operators of treatment/storage/disposal facilities as well as solid waste landfills, recycling facilities, transfer stations and transporters.

We regularly assist clients in:
  • Determining whether waste generated is a hazardous waste including the classification of such waste
  • Identifying recycling and beneficial re-use options
  • Reuse and fill import
  • Obtaining solid and hazardous waste facility permits including New Jersey’s A-901 approval and Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
  • Establishing financial assurance mechanisms and other requirements of hazardous and solid waste operations
  • Waste facility closure issues and strategies
  • Coordinating employee training and contingency planning requirements
  • Preparing corrective action plans

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