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Remediation projects hit our desks at every stage of compliance, and we take a soup to nuts approach when assessing the environmental risk, liability, and exposure inherent in owning, operating, selling, divesting, financing, investing in and developing contaminated property.


Minimizing costs while maximizing efficiencies

We resolve complex environmental issues to the satisfaction of the regulators, with a focus on getting there with a pragmatic and cost-effective path.

Our attorneys understand the regulations and science driving the cleanup.  We work in collaboration with environmental consultants, engineers, and regulators to develop remedial strategies tailored to our clients’ business needs and bottom lines.  We also know when to pivot as circumstances change, thinking ahead to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.   

We guide our clients throughout the life cycle of a cleanup, including:
  • Counseling on spill reporting obligations under applicable state and federal laws
  • Developing cleanup strategy at the diligence, investigation, and remediation stage
  • Evaluating remediation paths with an eye toward cost efficiencies, redevelopment timelines, and exit strategy
  • Negotiating favorable terms and conditions, and pushing for reliable cost estimates and cleanup timelines from environmental consultants
  • Addressing post-remediation compliance obligations, such as remedial permits and reporting
  • Strategizing institutional control (e.g., deed notices) and engineering control cleanup remedies in line with planned/future property use
  • Procuring operational permits such as those permitting discharges to surface water and groundwater
  • Assisting with financial assurance obligations
  • Advising on cost recovery under various mechanisms, such as insurance policies, indemnities, and contribution actions
  • Securing insurance policies to mitigate short and long-term environmental exposure
  • Negotiating with regulators on cleanup strategy and enforcement/compliance issues
  • Interfacing with potential buyers, lenders, and investors on environmental risk and liability issues

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