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Discovery is doubtlessly the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of most litigations. For many businesses and individuals, meeting the challenges of eDiscovery obligations can be time consuming, disruptive to business and expensive.


Developing innovative solutions since 1928

To help offset the stress and expense of litigation, our eDiscovery litigators collaborate with our clients’ business, legal, technology and compliance teams to develop and deploy efficient and defensible discovery strategies for first-time and seasoned litigants as well as businesses that must frequently respond to non-party subpoenas.


Litigation readiness

Many of our clients include sophisticated information stakeholders who recognize the value of becoming “litigation ready.”  By adopting a proactive approach to likely litigation or subpoena responses, our clients can maximize cost-efficiency and the defensibility of their interests.

With these goals in mind, we meet with information stakeholders to:
  • Develop and implement defensible and consistent electronically stored information protocols
  • Design policy relating to information preservation, collection, processing and review
We maximize eDiscovery efficiencies and lower risk by:
  • Implementing and overseeing legal holds
  • Using early case assessment tools to assist in the decision to file a complaint or in the assessment of defenses
  • Overseeing targeted data collection, documenting the chain of custody and handling the review and production
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence as warranted
  • Appearing at court conferences and conducting meet-and-confer sessions
  • Conducting and defending discovery and electronically stored information related depositions


Legal prowess meets tech savvy

Our eDiscovery attorneys and technicians have built a customizable state-of-the-art toolkit that we use for each client’s complex data-driven problems in litigation, transactional and compliance matters, and government investigations. Our technology-focused eDiscovery litigators and eDiscovery technologists collaborate to leverage advanced technology with legal advocacy to solve substantive legal challenges. Our integrated end-to-end approach enhances each matter’s efficiency, reduces costs and improves results.

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