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It is inevitable that certain businesses will find themselves in court from time to time.


Nobody wants to think about it

and we all hope it never happens to us

But, given the incredibly complicated nature of the cannabis industry due to its varying state laws and regulations, plus the discrepancy between federal and state laws, it is absolutely imperative that cannabis operators, whether plant-touching or non-planting touching, have a strong and knowledgeable legal team to advocate on their behalf.


Cannabis industry savvy meets courtroom prowess

We intentionally built our cannabis team to include litigators so we can ensure the business needs of our clients are covered. Many of our attorneys who handle our regulatory compliance, application, and licensing matters also regularly litigate a host of other matters for clients. So, should your cannabis interests need to be protected in court, you can rest assured that our attorneys will understand both the industry and your business.

Our cannabis litigation experience includes:
  • Contractual disputes
  • Employment issues
  • Insurance claims
  • Products-liability actions
  • Real estate related disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Environmental issues
  • Odor mitigation
  • Intellectual property

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