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An industry sure to deliver the green

Finding an entry point into the cannabis market can be competitive, confusing and requires careful maneuvering around state and federal laws.

Making sure you submit the best possible application is one of the most important aspects for business creatives looking to obtain a license. Applications and licensing is not simply filling out some forms – applicants must also work with consultants, contractors, vendors, unions, town councils, and other parties in preparing their application materials. It is a time intensive project and one that benefits from guidance from professionals experienced with the process.

We’ll take the torch

That is where we come in. We have worked with medical and adult-use cannabis businesses in applying for licenses throughout the country and have fostered relationships with the people you need to know in order to maximize your chances of obtaining a license. Our application and licensing clients include multi-state operators, start-ups, and legacy operators.


Guidance throughout the entire application process

In partnering with you, we can:
  • Ensure compliance with all application requirements
  • Negotiate agreements with local labor unions
  • Introduce you to and negotiate contracts with application writers, cannabis security firms, architects for cannabis facilities, and other necessary vendors
  • Work with municipalities to seek municipal approval
  • Identify cannabis friendly areas for performing business
  • Safeguard marketing plans so that they are compliant with applicable regulations

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