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In addition to having a thorough understanding of regulations that will inform your decisions, a comprehensive familiarity with market trends and changes is critical to the success of your master plan.


Guiding your project smoothly through its completion

Our team of real estate virtuosos counsel developers, owners, landlords, tenants, contractors, and  lenders on projects including mixed-use, retail, office, industrial, hotel, and multi-family building construction. With careful planning and thorough due diligence, we help clients to navigate the convoluted issues and varied risks associated with their venture, ultimately guiding each project smoothly to its conclusion.


Clearing the hurdles

Creative minds convene to arrive at customized solutions when challenges arise. The scope of our practice is inclusive of a variety of disciplines, enabling us to tackle the spectrum of real estate-related issues that may surface through the course of your project.


We negotiate and draft construction contracts with general contractors and subcontractors with a detailed approach aimed to protect our clients from unexpected costs, lien claims and other potential problems.


We often confront unpleasant surprises, such as discovering underground storage tanks or hazardous materials on a property, poor soil conditions requiring the installation of piles, or the presence of utility lines within a proposed building pad.

We perform extensive due diligence, bringing in outside consultants when necessary, and oversee thorough testing to ensure that any potential problems are brought to light.  In addition, we review and analyze the underlying documents, including reciprocal easement agreements, and construction and operating agreements, to determine whether amendments and consents may be required.


Resolving environmental issues is an unwanted and often costly, yet integral part of the due diligence process. Our environmental gurus craft solutions to expedite the process if negotiations stall due to environmental concerns. The team deals with all governmental agencies, has a firm grasp of environmental insurance, and appreciates its value in closing development deals.

Land Use

We guide clients through the entire land use approval process at all governmental levels, including:

  • Site plan approval
  • Subdivision approval
  • Building and sign permits
  • Soil erosion permits
  • Variances

We understand what is possible, what is unattainable, and how to secure the necessary governmental approvals to develop your project.

Government Incentive Programs

We identify and take advantage of the various incentive programs offered periodically by federal, state and local governmental authorities for which the particular transaction may qualify, including:

  • Reimbursement of environmental clean-up costs
  • Real estate tax credits
  • Real estate tax abatement programs


A highly curated team for your masterpiece

We form diverse development teams to address the many disciplines involved in developing a retail, office or industrial property.

With access to resources, we collaborate with clients to retain sophisticated experts in areas, including:

  • Environmental testing
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Insurance (including title, environmental and liability insurance)
  • Surveying
  • Architecture

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