Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. News/Blogs Feed Jun 2017firmwise Park is a speaker at the October ICSC US Shopping Center Law Conference Oct 2017Events<p><strong>Conference Location: &nbsp;<br /> </strong>JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort &amp; Spa<br /> 23808 Resort Parkway<br /> San Antonio, TX 78261<br /> <strong><br /> Discussion Topic: &nbsp;</strong>Non Recourse Carve-Out Guarantees<br /> <br /> Event <a href="">details</a>. &nbsp;Register <a href="">here</a>.<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p> Klein speaking at the NJICLE Meeting, <i>Overcoming Legal & Valuation Issues in Chancery, Business & Family Proceedings</i> Oct 2017Events<p><strong>Location:<br /> </strong>Hyatt Morristown<br /> 3 Speedwell Ave Morristown, NJ 07960-6838<br /> <strong><br /> 2017 Date to come</strong><br /> <strong>Time:</strong> 5:30 PM - 9:05 PM ET<br /> <br /> <br /> <strong>Moderator/Speaker:</strong><br /> Andrea J. Sullivan, Esq.<br /> Author, Guidebook to Chancery Practice in New Jersey (9th Edition, 2014)<br /> Greenbaum Rowe Smith &amp; Davis, LLP (Iselin)<br /> <br /> <strong>Speakers include:</strong><br /> Hon. Robert P. Contillo, PJCh&nbsp;(Bergen)<br /> Hon. Hany A. Mawla, PJFP&nbsp;(Hunterdon)<br /> Hon. Donald Kessler, JSC&nbsp;(Essex)<br /> Hon. Thomas Walsh, JSC&nbsp;(Union)<br /> Frederick W Alworth, Esq.<br /> Gibbons, PC (Newark)<br /> Steven Klein, Esq.<br /> Cole Schotz (Hackensack)<br /> Thomas Hoberman, CPA/ABV/CFF<br /> WithumSmith+Brown, PC (Princeton)<br /> William J. Morrison, CPA/ABV/CFF<br /> WithumSmith+Brown, PC (Princeton)<br /> Michael Saffer, Esq.<br /> Mandelbaum Salsburg, PC (West Orange)<br /> <strong><br /> About the Program:</strong><br /> Business valuation is the act of putting a price on a business, and comes into play in many settings including divorce, business disputes and breakups, mergers, and estate planning and litigation.<br /> <br /> There are three main approaches to business valuations: 1.) income based, 2.) asset based, and 3.) the market approaches. There are several methodologies within each approach. Deciding which approach to use is fact sensitive. Each valuation is unique.<br /> <br /> Register today to hear some of the state's leading accountants, judges and attorneys shed light on the nuances of business valuations through a discussion of different valuations scenarios that are frequently encountered in chancery, family and business disputes. Our expert panel will also bring you up-to-date about the latest developments in this area, including a discussion about holding in the recent New Jersey Supreme Court case, I.E. Test, LLC v. Carroll (decided August 2, 2016), in which the Court outlined a seven pronged test lower courts should use in deciding whether to expel an LLC member.<br /> <br /> <strong>Program Agenda:</strong><br /> 5:30 Introduction; Purpose of Business Valuation in Chancery and Matrimonial<br /> Matters - Andrea Sullivan, Esq.<br /> <br /> 5:45 Valuation Theory: Business Valuation-Approaches and Methodologies -<br /> William J. Morrison, CPA/ABV/CFF; Thomas Hoberman, CPA/ABV/CFF<br /> <br /> 6:15 Dissent Oppression and Family - Andrea Sullivan, Esq.; Michael Saffer, Esq.;<br /> Steven Klein, Esq.; Hon. Robert P. Contillo, PJCh; Hon. Hany A. Mawla, PJFP;<br /> Hon. Donald Kessler, JSC; Hon. Thomas Walsh, JSC<br /> <br /> 7:15 Break<br /> <br /> 7:25 How to Handle Oppression in LLCs under NJ-RULLCA - Frederick W Alworth, Esq.<br /> <br /> 8:05 Other issues - Michael Saffer, Esq. Steven Klein, Esq.;<br /> William J. Morrison, CPA/ABV/CFF; Thomas Hoberman, CPA/ABV/CFF<br /> <br /> 8:50 Questions and Wrap-up<br /> <br /> 9:05 Adjourn<br /> <strong><br /> NJ CLE information:</strong> This program has been approved by the Board on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of New Jersey for 4.0 hours of total CLE credit. Of these, 4.0 qualify as hours of credit toward certification in civil trial law.<br /> <strong>NJ CLE:<br /> </strong><br /> <strong>This program has been approved for 4.0 credits (50 minute hour)</strong><br /> PA CLE: 3.0 substantive credits pending ($12 fee &ndash; separate check payable to NJICLE must be submitted at the end of the program)<br /> NY CLE (t&amp;nt):<br /> <br /> 4.0 professional practice credits<br /> Trial Attorney Certification: 4.0 civil credits pending<br /> CPE: 4.0 taxation credits<br /> Door Registration: $200<br /> INFAM186316<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p> Practices for When a Customer Goes Bankrupt: CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office Aug 2017Events<p><strong>Program Description:</strong><br /> When a customer files for bankruptcy there are a number of steps a creditor should take to protect itself and, were appropriate, prosecute its rights. This seminar will examine different claims that should be asserted immediately, critical trade vendor status, steps to take internally to segregate the pre-petition company from the debtor, the decision to serve on the official committee of unsecured creditors and milestones that occur in most bankruptcies to which a creditor should pay attention.<br /> <br /> <strong>Program Details:</strong><br /> Thursday, August 17, 2017, 9:00 am to 10:30 am (Eastern)<br /> Cole Schotz, P.C. 25 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601<br /> <br /> Registration link available soon.<br /> **Discount code CSEVENT at checkout will get you complimentary access**<br /> <br type="_moz" /> &nbsp;</p> Cross-Border Issues in M&A and Tax Planning02 Aug 2017Events Volkov is a panelist at the 2017 Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop Jul 2017Events<p><strong>22nd Annual Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop</strong><br /> July 27-30, 2017 <br /> The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort &amp; Spa <br /> Hilton Head, SC<br /> Full conference information can be found <a href="">here</a>.<strong><br /> <br /> July 28th Panel Details</strong><br /> <em>Will Your Shipment Come In? How Bankruptcy Affects Transportation Issues on Water and Land</em><br /> This panel will feature a wide-ranging discussion of bankruptcy and other issues affecting the transportation and shipping industries, as well as the current and future financial stresses in the industries. Lessons from the Hanjin Shipping case will also be discussed.<br /> <strong><br /> Edward J. Peterson, III</strong>, <em>Moderator</em>, Stichter, Riedel, Blain &amp; Postler, P.A.; Tampa, Fla.<br /> <strong>Curt S. Friedberg</strong>, GGG Partners, LLC; Atlanta<br /> <strong>Hon. Kevin R. Huennekens,</strong> U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. Va.); Richmond<br /> <strong>John F. Isbell</strong>, Thompson Hine; Atlanta<br /> <strong>Ilana Volkov</strong>, Cole Schotz P.C.; Hackensack, N.J.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Business Issues in Senior Credit Documents – Helping Clients Focus On What’s Important to Them: CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office Jul 2017Events<p><strong>Program Description:</strong><br /> As corporate lawyers, we often receive long, complicated documents from opposing counsel on a transaction, followed by a request from our clients to give them a list of the provisions that they need to focus on from a business perspective. This is particularly true in the case of documentation for a senior secured credit facility, as these agreements are long and complex by their nature. Although certain provisions in senior credit agreements, such as the interest rate, are obviously pure business matters, there are other business provisions in these documents that are not quite as obvious but are equally if not more important. This webinar will identify these provisions, discuss why they are important from a business perspective, and give some helpful pointers in drafting and negotiating them with the other side.<br /> <br /> <strong>Program Details:</strong><br /> Thursday July 20, 2017, 9:00 am to 10:30 am (Eastern)<br /> Cole Schotz, P.C. 25 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601<br /> <br /> Register to attend <a href="">here</a>.<br /> Register for live webcast <a href=";videoCourseId=100162051&amp;audioCourseId=0&amp;textCourseId=0&amp;sc_cid=null">here</a>.<br /> **Discount code CSEVENT at checkout will get you complimentary access**<br type="_moz" /> &nbsp;</p> Persons Investing in US Real Estate and Other Assets: Partnership and Other Structures, Treaty Planning and Financing Strategies20 Jul 2017Events Glass is speaking at the NJICLE 2017 Environmental Law Forum Jun 2017Events<p><strong>Forum Location: </strong>Icona Golden Inn, 7849 Dune Dr Avalon, NJ 08202<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Saturday, June 24th, 12:00pm EST</strong></u><br /> <strong>The Fate of Environmental Law under the New Administration</strong><br /> <em>Mark L. Manewitz, Esq., Mark L. Manewitz, LLC<br /> Ray Cantor, NJ DEP<br /> Michele Glass, Esq., Cole Schotz, PC<br /> </em><br /> Register <a href="">Here</a>.</p> Likes And Retweets Are Worth Protecting In Bankruptcy Jun 2017Publications Fair Workweek Legislation Scheduled to Take Effect On NYC Fast-Food Chains and Retailers in November 2017 Jun 2017Publications