Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. News/Blogs Feed Oct 2018firmwise Asset Protection Strategies Dec 2018Events<strong>Date:</strong> Friday, December 21, 2018<br /> <strong>Time: </strong> 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m.<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Course Description:</strong></u><br /> This course will provide you with asset protection strategies that can be utilized to increase the protection afforded to a client during his or her lifetime and increase the protection afforded to a client&rsquo;s heirs after his or her death. Use of these strategies is crucial in today&rsquo;s litigious environment and can help to greatly expand your practice. The course will give you practical knowledge using typical client fact patterns in order to provide you with the tools necessary to establish business entities and asset protection trusts which will increase the wealth preservation afforded to your clients.<br type="_moz" /> Friday - Come on in for a "Compliance Check Up!" Dec 2018Events<strong>Location:</strong><br /> The Grand Summit Hotel <br /> 570 Springfield Avenue<br /> Summit, NJ 07901 <br /> <br /> <strong>Date/Time Information:</strong><br /> 8:00 Registration and Check In<br /> 8:20 Program Start<br /> <strong><br /> Event Description:</strong><br /> Marissa A. Mastroianni, associate with Cole Shotz, will give us a &ldquo;Compliance Check-up!&rdquo; What every business needs to know about new laws concerning: NJ Sick leave &amp; Equal Pay Act <br /> <br /> To register for this event please click <a href="">here.</a> NYC State of the Market Nov 2018Events<u><strong>Event Details:</strong></u><br /> 8-5:00pm<br /> 866 United Nations Plaza<br /> New York, NY 10017 <br /> <br /> Panel: Investment and Acquisitions in the Big Apple<br /> Moderator: Jordan Metzger<br /> <br /> For more information or to register for this event please click <a href="">here.</a><br /> <br /> Shopping Center Law Conference Oct 2018Events<u><strong>Event Location:</strong></u><br /> JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando<br /> Orlando, FL United States <br /> <br /> <u><strong>Event Details:</strong></u><br /> October 26, 2018<br /> <br /> <strong>Breakfast Roundtable</strong><br /> Breaking Up the Big-Box: Repurposing vacant anchor tenant spaces<br /> <br /> Attorney Speaking: Gary Albrecht<br /> <br /> For more information on this event please click <a href="">here.</a><br /> <br /> <br /> Law in New York: Negotiating Commercial Leases Oct 2018Events<u><strong>Event Details:<br /> <br /> Lorman Webinar: Landlord-Tenant Law in New York<br /> <br /> Attorney Speaking: Jan Alan Lewis<br /> <br /> Time:</strong></u> 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM <br /> <br /> <u><strong>Course Description:</strong></u> <strong>Negotiating Commercial Leases</strong><u><strong><br /> </strong></u> <ul> <li>Basics</li> <li>Tenant Default/Landlord Remedies</li> <li>Landlord Default/Tenant Remedies</li> <li>Fees and Expenses/Attorneys' Fees</li> <li>Interest/Late Charges/Returned Checks</li> <li>Bankruptcy</li> <li>Waiver of Trial by Jury/Counterclaims</li> <li>Inability to Perform/Force Majeure</li> <li>Holding Over</li> <li>Security Deposit</li> <li>Guaranties</li> <li>Estoppel Certificates</li> <li>Specific Performance Limitation</li> <li>Consequential Damages</li> </ul> <br /> For more information on this event or to register please click <a href=";p=13389&amp;s=direct#overview">here</a>. Law in a Transactional Setting Oct 2018Events<u><strong>Event Details:</strong></u><br /> New Jersey Law Center<br /> 1 Constitution Sq. New Brunswick, NJ 08901<br /> <br /> 9:00 AM - 12:35 PM <br /> <br /> <u><strong>About the Program:</strong></u><br /> Environmental liabilities can be expensive (and even crippling) for New Jersey businesses. However, careful planning and troubleshooting can help businesses avoid environmental litigation and liabilities. As effective planners and troubleshooters, private practitioners, in-house counsel and business owners need a working understanding of environmental law to ensure that contracts and business practices comply with current federal and state environmental statutes and regulations.<br /> <br /> This introductory seminar, updated for 2018-19, is designed to teach attorneys and businesses involved in transactions how to protect themselves from future environmental claims and potential legal pitfalls. Expert speakers will provide practice pointers and insights into how proactive engagement in environmental issues can reveal opportunities for smarter business strategies, and thoughts on how a failure to adopt such strategies can open businesses up to potential liability down the road.<br /> <br /> The seminar brings together experts who will first provide you with a foundation of environmental requirements and related legal and business risk, and then discuss smart business strategies for dealing with environmental issues, compliance, transactions, due diligence, financing and relevant case law.<br /> <u><strong><br /> Speakers include:</strong></u><br /> Catherine E. Bostock, Esq.<br /> Cole Schotz PC, Hackensack<br /> <br /> For more information or to register please click <a href=";productId=14025585">here</a>. <br /> <br /> of A Scam Affecting the Amazon Brand Registry! Oct 2018Publications Zones One Step Away From Receiving Official Guidance Investors Are Desperately Seeking Oct 2018News's Fees And Homeowner Claims Against Insurance Companies Oct 2018Publications Jersey Next Generation Program Oct 2018Events<strong>Event Details:</strong><br /> Thursday, October 11 <br /> 5:00 - 8:00 pm&nbsp; <br /> Porta - Jersey City, NJ<br /> <br /> Jason Finkelstein will be moderating the panel discussion.<br /> <br /> To register for this event please click <a href=";utm_medium=email&amp;utm_source=Eloqua&amp;mailid=SEPT20B&amp;elqTrackId=6941ac05b42c4c62b119b6274ed8f939&amp;elq=8fa8856befa64014bc35f7299eb432f7&amp;elqaid=1906&amp;elqat=1&amp;elqCampaignId=1280">here</a>.<br /> <br />