Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A. News/Blogs Feed Feb 2019firmwise New York City Bankruptcy Conference May 2019Events<u><strong>Details:</strong></u><br /> Wednesday May 22, 2019<br /> New York Hilton Midtown, NYC<br /> 10:15-11:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Bankruptcy Litigation</strong></u><br /> The panelists will provide a &sect; 546(e) safe harbors update, including how state law preemption will be applied post-Merit; jurisdictional issues in Relativity; the debt-recharacterization circuit split and Supreme Court withdrawal of cert in PEM v. Levin; the application of avoidance powers extraterritorially (Ampal-American, Emerald, Madoff), fraudulent-transfer circuit splits and other related matters (Physiotherapy, Tribune, Madoff, Merritt Management, Petters, SemCrude, Fragin); and the current state of the equitable mootness doctrine, including recent criticisms, especially from the Third Circuit (e.g., In re Philadelphia Newspapers, In re SemCrude L.P., In re One2One Communications LLC), and their applications (e.g., In re City of Detroit).<br /> <br /> Michael Luskin, Moderator<br /> Luskin, Stern &amp; Eisler LLP<br /> <br /> Philip Bentley<br /> Kramer Levin Naftalis &amp; Frankel LLP<br /> <br /> G. David Dean<br /> Cole Schotz P.C.<br /> <br /> James Donnell<br /> Baker &amp; McKenzie LLP<br /> <br /> Christopher Gartman<br /> Hughes Hubbard &amp; Reed LLP<br /> <br /> Dr. Faten Sabry<br /> NERA Economic Consulting<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> For more information or to register please <a href="">click here</a>. <br /> <br /> Law Hot Topics of 2019 CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office Apr 2019EventsWith ongoing federal regulatory rollbacks, key federal court decisions, heightened warnings about climate change impacts and increased regulation at the state level, it is no surprise that environmental issues are front-page news and trending daily. In this program, we will highlight many of the important environmental legal developments that occurred in 2018 and those on the horizon in 2019, covering regulation of emerging contaminants, changes to Clean Water Act jurisdiction and Clean Air Act regulatory programs, brownfields development incentives, and waste stream regulation and management. Join us for a discussion about why these developments matter to today&rsquo;s businesses and their lawyers. <br /> <br /> Register <a href=";ADMIN_PREVIEW=true">here</a><br type="_moz" /> Annual William H. Gindin Bankruptcy Bench Bar Apr 2019Events Cannabis Crash Course: Navigating the Legal Challenges of an Emerging Industry CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office Mar 2019Events<p>With New Jersey on the brink of legalization, and New York close behind, all eyes are on the east coast cannabis industry. As New Jersey expands its medicinal program and inches towards adult use legalization, individuals, small business owners and large corporations alike are vying for a piece of this multi-billion dollar industry. In addition, the recent federal legalization of the production and marketing of hemp throughout the United States raises many questions as to how hemp will be regulated at the federal and state levels. The potential upside and complexity of these emerging markets brings with it a host of legal issues pervading every facet of both the cannabis and hemp industries. This program will examine the wide range of legal challenges posed by the emerging cannabis and hemp industries and the proposed regulatory scheme pending approval in New Jersey.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Register <a href=";ADMIN_PREVIEW=true">here</a></p> Friday - Come on in for a "Compliance Check Up!" Mar 2019Events<strong>Location:</strong><br /> The Grand Summit Hotel <br /> 570 Springfield Avenue<br /> Summit, NJ 07901 <br /> <br /> <strong>Date/Time Information:</strong><br /> 8:00 Registration and Check In<br /> 8:20 Program Start<br /> <strong><br /> Event Description:</strong><br /> Marissa A. Mastroianni, associate with Cole Shotz, will give us a &ldquo;Compliance Check-up!&rdquo; What every business needs to know about new laws concerning: NJ Sick leave &amp; Equal Pay Act <br /> <br /> To register for this event please click <a href="">here.</a><br /> Investment in U.S. Real Estate Feb 2019Events<u><strong>Time:</strong></u><br /> February 28. 2019<br /> 10:15 am - 11:45 am<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Location:</strong></u><br /> Tampa Marriott Waterside<br /> Tampa, Florida<br /> <br /> <u><strong>Topic:</strong></u><br /> Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate<br /> This panel will provide tax advisers with a practical look at the opportunities and challenges for<br /> foreign investors in U.S. real estate seeking to minimize or eliminate the impact of US income,<br /> gift and estate taxes in the wake of the passage of the 2017 tax reform law. After exploring<br /> basic concerns such as FIRPTA, the panel will illustrate structures to implement direct ownership<br /> of real estate and investments in US real estate funds and REITs as well as the alternative of<br /> lending into the US real estate market. Despite tax law changes that may limit the value of<br /> interest deductions, use of debt in conjunction with equity ownership is another valuable tax<br /> planning strategy that will be explored along with other planning concerns and opportunities.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> For more information or to register please click <a href="">here</a>.<br type="_moz" /> and Cryptocurrencies CLE Presentation at Cole Schotz New Jersey Office Feb 2019Events<p>Interest in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies that often accompany them continues to grow as companies and governments become increasingly interested in adopting and implementing blockchain infrastructures and automated systems governed by smart contracts. Additionally, the advent of initial coin offerings as an alternative to traditional debt and equity capital raising structures has garnered the interest of investors and with it the scrutiny of regulators. Advocates argue that blockchains will revolutionize and disrupt existing businesses and processes. This webinar will explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the risks and challenges associated with blockchains. This webinar will further explain cryptocurrencies, the status of cryptocurrencies as a security, and raising capital through initial coin offerings. Finally, this webinar will discuss the business applications of blockchains, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies as an asset class.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Register <a href=";ADMIN_PREVIEW=true">here</a></p>‘Ghosted' by a Former Employee? Here's What to Do with a Returned Check or W-2 Feb 2019News Current Landscape of Website Accessibility Cases under the ADA in Florida Feb 2019Publications Jersey Court Rejects Zoning Board's Issuance of a Variance That Discriminates Against Tenants Feb 2019Publications